Car Draw

Our Winners To Date

Deductions for members already in the car draw will be made before the end of October 2022.

As a member of Ardee Credit Union for an annual entry fee of €60, you will be in with a chance to win a brand new car. We plan to hold at least eleven draws between October 2021 and September 2022.

Entry forms are available to download here. Complete, sign and return to the office.

Our Car Draw winners are announced here after every draw.

Winners 2021

January Roisin Durnin, Smarmore, Ardee
February Margaret Duffy, Priorstate, Louth Village
March Lisa Coyle, Rockfield Close, Ardee
April Dara Maguire, Smarmore, Ardee
May Mary Byrne, Nicholastown, Ardee
May Patrick Dullaghan, Mansfieldstown, Castlebellingham
July Marie Davis, Shanlis, Ardee
August Shay Rooney, Sliabh Breagh, Ardee

We also held Bonus Cash Draws in September 2021, the winners were as follows:

Lorraine McMahon, Reaghstown, Ardee €1000
Betty Taaffe, Tallanstown €1000
Denise Gallagher, Rockfield Close, Ardee €1000
Mary Murphy, Tallanstown €1000
Joby Varghese, Moorehall Close, Ardee €1000
Lorraine Conroy, Cookstown, Ardee €1000
Gerard Coyle, Pepperstown, Ardee €1000
Eileen Flanagan, Tierney Street, Ardee €1000
Jacqueline Finnegan, Kells Road, Ardee €1000
Colm Finlay, Cherrybrook, Ardee €1000

Winners 2020

January Anna Manning, Blackstick, Ardee
February David Callan, Greenan, Drumconrath
March Debbie Murphy, Millockstown, Ardee
April Miriam Carberry. Baltrasna, Ardee
May Geraldine Hughes, Crowmartin, Ardee
June Paul Lynch, Funshog, Collon
July Daniel McKenna, Cherrybrook, Ardee
August David Kearney, Heathergate Court, Ardee
August Liz Halpenny, Batestown, Drumconrath
September Keith Moran, Cherrybrook, Ardee
October Caroline Finlay, Dowdstown, Ardee
November Gemma Daly, Reaghstown, Ardee
December Ian Malone, Mullameelan, Ardee

We also held Bonus Cash Draws in September 2020, the winners were as follows:

Carol Long, Artnalivery, Ardee €1000
Catherine McGee. Smarmore, Ardee €1000
Orlaith Reid, Blakestown, Ardee €1000
John Malone, Mosstown, Dunleer €1000
Shane Kennedy, Reaghstown, Ardee €1000
Alan McKenny, Sliabh Breagh, Ardee €1000
Emma Dillon Gallagher, Loughbracken, Drumconrath €1000
Brigid Farrell, Ballybailie, Ardee €1000

Winners 2019

February Belinda Rogers, Glebe, Ardee
March Sylvia Caraher, Cookstown, Ardee
April John Dillon, Bigstown, Ardee
May Fiona O’Brien, Currabeg, Ardee
June Denis Woods, Campbells Park, Ardee
July Anthony Matthews, Oriel Road, Collon
August (1st Draw) Emma Brehony, Drumconrath
August (2nd Draw) Thomas Sharkey, Tierney Street, Ardee
September John Mitchells GFC
October Brendan Lennon, Stoneylane, Ardee
December (AGM) Siobhan Thistleton, Mullameelan, Ardee

We also held Bonus Cash Draws in September 2019, the winners were as follows:

Mary Lynch – Sliabh Breagh, Ardee €1000
Hugh Murray – Kells Road, Collon €1000
Paul Lambe, Mullinary, Carrickmacross €1000
Rory McQuillan, Blakestown, Ardee €1000
Margaret Connell, Lobinstown €1000
Peter Coleman, Sliabh Breagh, Ardee €1000
Elizabeth McEneaney, Arthurstown, Ardee €1000
Joseph Taaffe, Castle St, Ardee €1000
Anne O’Regan, Stameen, Drogheda €1000
Tony Kelly, Coole, Ardee €1000
Liam Brennan, Ballybonia, Ardee €1000
Joseph Marry, Cloughmacoo, Drumconrath €1000

Winners 2018

February Kenneth McCoy, Dawsons Demesne
March Pat McGahon, Amharc Fada, Drumconrath
March Maria Carolan, Rathreynolds, Drumconrath
May Paul McAnespie, Castlebellingham
June Glenn Carton, Waterunder, Castlebellingham
June Brendan McEneaney, Rahanna, Ardee
August Maura Buckley, Sean O Carroll St, Ardee
August Jennifer Sweeney, Rathnestin, Tallanstown
September Eileen Ludlow, Aclare, Drumconrath
October Belinda Clarke, Sliabh Breagh, Ardee
December Aoife McGee, Ballybailie, Dundalk Road

We also held Bonus Cash Draws in September 2018, the winners were as follows:

Oliver Sampson €1000
Siobhan Courtney €1000
David Byrne €1000
Frank O’Malley €1000
Freda Tighe €1000
Elaine Scott €1000
Dylan Duffy €1000
Peter Byrne €1000


Winners 2017

January Riona Carolan, Drumconrath
February Joseph Duff, Creevagh, Ardee
March (100th Winner) Derek McEneaney, Rahanna, Ardee
April Joanne Donnelly, Reaghstown, Ardee
June Pauline McMullen, Cherrybrook, Ardee
July Belinda Clarke, Sliabh Breagh, Ardee
August Barbara Sampson, De La Salle Crescent
September Jason McDonnell, Mullacloe, Ardee
September James Durrigan, Stickillen, Ardee
October Patrick Rafferty, Springhill, Tallanstown
December Colette McKenny, Stoneylane, Ardee

We also held Bonus Cash Draws in September, the winners were as follows:

Janis Finnegan, Rockfield, Ardee €1000
Madge Reilly, Hunterstown, Ardee €1000
Leah Murray, Reaghstown, Ardee €1000
Paul Whately, Pepperstown, Ardee €1000
John Matthews, Ardee €1000
Sinead Roche Thornton, Collon €1000
Marian Lynch, Tallanstown €1000

Winners 2016

February Philip Baylon, Bohernamoe, Ardee
March Gerry Brennan, Tullykeel, Ardee
March Eamonn Kerr, Dundalk Rd, Ardee
April Hugh Brennan, Ballybonia, Ardee
June Claire Clarke Keane, Edmondstown, Ardee
July Sean Maguire, Stonetown, Louth Village
August Emer Kerr, Drogheda Rd, Ardee
September Evelyn Smith, De La Salle Crescent, Ardee
October Amanda McCourt, Cornmill, Ardee
December Mary Kearney, Edmondstown, Ardee
We also held Bonus Cash Draws in September, the winners were as follows:
Bridie Taaffe, Roestown €1000
Ann Freer, Old Dawsons Demesne €1000
Peter McGee, Smarmore €1000
Bernard Kelly, De La Salle Crescent €1000
Brian Reilly, Gudderstown €1000
Geraldine & Brendan Carolan, Newtown €1000
Joseph Austin, Mullameelan €1000
Ann O’Regan, Drogheda €1000
Mary Lyons,  Coole €1000
James McDonnell, Blakestown €1000

Winners 2015

February Liam Mullane, Bohernamoe, Ardee
March Carmel O’Grady, Funshog, Collon
April Laura Kerr, Reaghstown, Ardee
May Eoin Lennon, Artnalivery, Ardee
July Eithne Hanratty, Mullacloe, Ardee
August Kathleen McEntee, Charlestown, Ardee
September Mark Whately, Riverstown, Ardee
September Owen Sharkey, Drumconrath
November Mary McGee, Smarmore, Ardee
December Robert Rice, Tierney St, Ardee

Winners 2014

February Pat Dillon, Bigstown, Ardee
March Rita Molloy, Tallanstown
April Breda Lynch, Mentrim, Drumcronrath
May Dermot Courtney, Rathgory
June Conor McEnteggart, Drumgill, Drumconrath
July Martin McMahon, Mullacrew
August Judith McKenna, Smarmore
November Ruth Bray, Old Dawsons Demesne
December Laura Murray, Riverstown


Winners 2013

February Hughie McCormack, Ardee
March Bryan Dunne, Ardee
April Bernadette Casserly, Ardee
May Michelle Kieran, Sliabh Breagh
June Gene Kelly, Dawsons Demesne
July Jackie Malone, Stoneylane
August Nicola McCarron, Cherrybrook
November Nora Hickey, Nicholastown
December Derek Reilly Lobinstown
We also held Bonus Cash Draws in October, the winners were as follows:
John Martin, Sean O’Carroll St €1000
Geraldine Smith, Hale St €1000
Bernadette Rowe, Lobinstown €1000
John Martin, Sean O’Carroll St €1000
Joan Nulty, Shanlis €1000
Patrick Duff, Drumconrath €1000
Brendan Carolan, Newtown €1000
Andrew Keogh, Hale Street €1000
James Harmon, Smarmore €1000
Barry Davis, Shanlis €1000
Mary Byrne, Dundalk €500
Martin Lennon, Stoneylane €500
Hugh McCormack, Rockfield €500

Winners 2012

January Joe Commins, Ardee
March James McArt, Reaghstown
April Mark Coscoran. Millockstown
May Michael Carroll, Sliabh Breagh
June James Duffy Snr, Duffys Cross
July Darren Commins, Pepperstown
August Louise Marron, Arthurstown
September Patrick Hand, Cuchullain Terrace
November Anna Glass, Drumconrath
December Pat McMahon, Snipehill

We also held Bonus Cash Draws, the winners were as follows:

€3000 – Rose Murray, Edmondstown
€3000 – Jacqueline Yorke, Drumconrath
€3000 – Sean Clarke, Bohernamoe
€3000 – Harry Rafferty, Tallanstown


Winners 2011

February Mary Hand, Funshog, Collon.
March Damien Matthews, Hurlestone, Ardee.
April Anne Hanratty, Knockbridge.
June Alison Gough, Ardee.
July Brigid Osbourne, Lagan, Ardee
August Fergus Gough, Ardee
September P.J. Kane, Ardee

We also held Bonus Cash Draws, the winners were as follows:

€1000 was won by Kevin Taaffe, Mary O’Brien, Frank Daly, Anthony Martin & Leon Bird
€500 was won by Susan Lynch
December William Callaghan, Rathory

Winners 2010

February Freda Tighe, Highfield Hse, Drumconrath.
April Mary Farrell, 6 Chestnut Grove, Tallanstown.
June John Martin, Sliabh Breagh, Ardee.
July Susan McEneaney, Mountrush, Ardee.
August Mary Barnes, De La Salle Crescent, Ardee.
September Caroline Sweeney, Rockfield Close, Ardee.
October Jacqueline York, Drumconrath.
November Bonus Allen Glass, Rathtrasna, Drumconrath.
December Noel McArdle, Knockbridge.
December Maria Melia, Tallanstown

Winners 2009

February Margaret Taaffe, 39 Cherrybrook, Ardee
April Mary Donoghue, Woodtown, Drumconrath
May Audrey Kelly,Cardistown,Ardee
July Marcella Leonard,Drumgowna, Louth.
August Elaine McKenna, Smarmore
September Tom Rice, Tierney Street, Ardee
December Mary McGee,Smarmore, Ardee
December Caroline & John Davey,Harristown,Ardee

Winners 2008

January Mark Jones, Stoneylane, Ardee
March Michael Ludden, Charlestown, Tallanstown
May Desmond McGee, Ballybailie, Ardee
June John McCoy, Moorehall Lodge, Ardee
July Evelyn Clarke, Ohill, Drumlish, Co Longford
August Geraldine Maguire, Knockcurlan, Ardee
September Arlene Marron, Arthurstown, Ardee
November Amanda Myles, Smarmore, Drogheda
December Fiona Reilly, 2 Riverbank, Ardee

Winners 2007

January Gerry Duff, Mullacloe, Ardee,
March Aileen Murray, Coole, Ardee,
May Geraldine Crawley, Dawsons Demesne, Ardee
July Richard Hopkins, Harristown, Ardee
September Belinda McMahon, Hale Street, Ardee
September (Bonus) Sinead Foley, Smarmore, Drogheda
November Anne Arthur, 3 Moorehall Rise, Ardee

Winners 2006

January Sean King, Dawsons Demesne, Ardee
March Larry Monaghan, Millockstown, Ardee
May Mary Carrie, Currabeg, Ardee
July David Landy, Annaglog, Ardee
September Joanne Fedigan, Annaglog, Ardee
October Laura Travers, Tierney Street, Ardee
December Eddie Burke, Mulladrillen, Hale Street, Ardee

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