Car Loan

Whether you’re a first time driver or buying that dream car, we can get you on the road.

With an Ardee Credit Union car loan you own your car from day one.

Ardee Credit Union has finance available for both new and used cars, and you get the bargaining power of a cash buyer. (More negotiation power!)

The Advantages of Credit Union Car Loan

  • With a Credit Union Loan you own your car from date of purchase, with no large payment at the end
  • Competitive interest rate
  • No hidden balloon or bullet payments or complicated hire purchase agreements
  • No penalties for early clearance
  • The interest is calculated on the reducing balance only
  • Free loan protection insurance included *(Terms & Conditions Apply)
  • Flexible loan terms
  • No hidden costs – no fees or transaction cost
  • One to one personal service
  • No Up Front payment
  • No restrictions on mileage
  • No worries about future value of the car

The Disadvantages of Car Finance

  • No loan protection insurance
  • You don’t own the car until it’s fully paid for
  • Can be penalised for early repayment
  • With PCP deals – Lump sum repayment required at both the start and end of the agreement
  • PCP deals require you to adhere to strict conditions eg. Mileage, or risk owing more at the end of the term
  • PCP deals are restricted to a maximum term of 3 years
  • Upgrade options may be restricted

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APR 11.00%

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Notice: Under the Credit Reporting Act 2013 lenders are required to provide personal and credit information for credit applications and credit agreements of €500 and above to the Central Credit Register. This information will be held on the Central Credit Register and may be used by other lenders when making decisions on your credit applications and credit agreements.

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