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A Mortgage on Your Doorstep

The important bits you need to know about an Ardee Credit Union mortgage:

  • Borrow between €40K and €350K
  • Terms Available: 5-35 years
  • Variable Interest Rate: 3.9% (APR 3.97%)
  • A CU Home Mortgage is only available on a principal private residence (must reside in the property) or for a self-build

Available to:

  • First Time Buyers (max loan 90% of the value of the property)
  • Trading Up, Equity Release, Switcher Mortgage (max loan 80% of the value of the property)
  • Members between 18 and 65 year of age (mortgage must be paid off by 65- can be extended to 70 in certain circumstances )

Employment Requirements:

  • Employees must be in permanent employment more than 6 months and have successfully completed probationary period
  • Self-Employed must be self-employed for a minimum of 3 years

Documents Required:


  • 3 months up to date consecutive payslips
  • Employee Detail Summary/P60 for last 3 years
  • Salary Certificate
  • 6 months bank statements of all bank accounts
  • 6 months credit card statements
  • 6 months loan account statements


  • 3 years audited/trading accounts certified by accountant
  • 6 months bank statements of all personal bank accounts
  • Confirmation of your tax position from your accountant
  • 6 months bank statements of all business bank accounts
  • Self-Assessment Notice from Revenue Commissioners for the last 3 years
  • 6 months credit card statements for personal and business credit cards
  • E-Tax Clearance Certificate
  • 6 months loan account statements

Members must have demonstrated repayment capacity for the proposed mortgage by showing regular savings for a minimum of 6 months.

Please find some useful documents below:

Download:  MARP – Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (pdf)

Download:  Helping Members in Financial Difficulty (pdf)

How to apply

How To Apply

Start your new home journey with Ardee Credit Union, your local mortgage provider. Members can make a mortgage appointment in our main Ardee office. If you're not a member, why not join us today.

If you would like more information please contact Ardee Credit Union today.

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